IKEA Roomies

IKEA viral video campaign with singing and beatboxing kids popping out from “everywhere” in the dorm room. The tune is pretty cool and hmmm… “minimalistic”. They have also launched a very cool website connected to this campagin, where students can win their entire purchase at IKEA. The website is developed by the swedish agency B-reel.

Screendump from the website:

IKEA back to college


Don’t ask for it

Not a very big fan of musicals – and I’m really curious of who will turn to ask.com instead of good ol’ Google after viewing this ad. I mean it’s probably as easy to find these sword ladies when doing a search on Google – so where’s the benefit in using ask.com? No idea, and since they don’t mention any – there probably are’nt any.

Thanks to Where’s my Jetpack

Quicksilver – trying hard to be cool again

Real or not? Who knows….it LOOKS real anyway. Well executioned – but I get a feeling of desperation of a brand who wants to be cool again; activists, hoods, riot style, electroclash…and some dynamite…wow. But what do they get? A tiiiiny shitwave.

Message: for those of you who don’t like sunny beaches and nice waves – stay in the city, buy some Quicksilver gear, get yourself a bomb (if you don’t already have one), throw it in a river and surf the miniwave for 5 seconds….at least you look cool in prision…

Swear jar and free beer

Pretty funny viral for Bud.tv. Just wonder what would have happened if they┬┤d decided to buy something else for the office? Plants or a water cooler for example?

Viral gone Richard Attenborough…

It can’t get any worse than this. Why do those geezers watch nature TV in the first place? “Aah, bring me a beer – and let’s watch the latest David Attenborough film”.


Sunglasses without a Ray brand

Pretty funny viral for Ray Ban. I’m impressed they didn’t show the brand name anywhere in the movie.